YAK Pro - Php Obfuscator

You can test yakpro-po online :

Enter your php code in the input area, and the click on the"Obfuscate" buttton.
Many other obfuscation options are available when you download the product on GitHub.
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if statementsLoop statements
String literals (pseudo obfuscation)
Scrambled names:
Mode:  Length:  
single line outputShuffle statements
C.A.P.T.C.H.APlease enter Security Code

Note: This tool has been written in order to obfuscate pure php sources.
the source code to obfuscate must start with <?php and end with ?>
It is not intended to be used with html and embeded php inside (you may try to deactivate statements shuffling...).
You can still embed html within php using the echo <<<END ... END; syntax!

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2.0.0 available on GitHub
Posted on 2018, Aug 25
yakpro rulez!

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